Its Ok to be Different

Hey, it’s ok to be different!

Since doing my videos on TikTok, I came to know more about myself and others on this amazing platform.

Maybe it’s because you can just be you and there others who can relate to you. So this post is to remind you that it’s ok if your different and let no one tell you otherwise.

I use to worry a lot about what others think of me and I use to be a people pleaser but I came to a point in my life that I have to live my life the way that I want because if I carried on, I will be lost and that is not what I want to live.

So if this is you, trying to please others, look deep inside you and know that you can only live your best life and you will disappoint others because that being human, we can please everyone and it’s not healthy for you to live this way.

This song that I came across on TikTok is me singing and listening to it so many times:

Let me know what you think, I did another version here too:

Follow me here on TikTok for more:

Thanks for for reading my blog, you rock 😊

Much Love πŸ’“


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