Be Grateful for Who You Are!


Be grateful for who you are, for all the setbacks, for the problems that you went or going through, for those moments when things are hard and for now.

No one can take your place, no one has what you have to offer, yes, there’s something about you that only you can give.

Be grateful for who you are because inside you there is a  very powerful being, your Amazing, beautiful, loving, caring and there is only one like you!

Let me be the one to say today, that you can be or do anything that you set your mind to.

I am grateful for your time, for this moment that you spend listening to my podcast.

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Thank You!
Much love
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PS: I learned so much from the Filipino Entrepreneur Circle Conference, that it has empowered me to share my journey, what I gained from going there.

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Podcast- Be Grateful for Who You Are




Start Doing


Enough talking, start doing!

so, you want to do something, example: You Want to Be a Writer!

like many of us, we start thinking, doubting, making excuses but without starting and committing, then it’s just another project that will never get publish or shared with others.

so here’s what I have decided for myself, I want to keep writing, keep running my blog and get better everyday, but I must discipline myself to Get Dress, Get Up and Show Up. Get to work on my writing, get to work on putting my blog out here, so that everyday, I get better.

One thing I learned from my Live Streaming was that, you just start that broadcast and don’t worry if your not perfect on your first try, or even on your 5th or 10th try!

with Daily Practice, you will come to a place where it become a Habits and you’ve arrive to your end goal.

I am a Writer! 

I got this from the book that I am reading, to write this down on paper everyday. Whatever you want to be, write it down everyday, until you’ve become confident in yourself.

Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.

Roy T. Bennett
Much love 💕

Follow Your Dreams


As I sit here today, I was reminded that we should be grateful for what we have. Also to follow our dreams.

Colin from Facebook posted about his journey and it inspired me to come here today to share with you that you too can go far, that we limit ourselves when we should try and reach the sky, above or beyond, we are limitless but because of the conditions that we have been told from the beginning, we tend to doubt ourselves.

What if, you can do anything?

What if it’s all in you?

What if you just got to start?


today I received this from amazon, it’s My Life Story and here, I will write on what is going on in my life, specially my achievements and the I will see, a year from now or years later how my life has changed.

Don’t get me wrong there will be time when I have to push harder and there will a mountain so high for me to climb but I will see how I have come from depression to living my life and that is my aim from this year.

To Act, To Take Action and To Do More!


Where will you be next Year or 10 years or 20 years?

i can’t wait 😊


Take Care,


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I Did It List


have you use the ‘I Did It – List’ before or are you using it?

I came across this from Mel Robbins and I must say that I am glad that I started using this.

So here is what I did today;


as as you can see, I have done a lot already and I love that I can see how much I have done for today. If you have been using this ‘I Did It List’ what have you learn from it?

here is template you can use.


Once you accomplished all these list and you look at them, you will feel proud. You have done so much for today, give yourself a huge pat in the back and as you carry on, you know that all those accomplishments will make you become better.

We all feel down when we don’t do anything but this way, you can see that you have done a lot this week.

For me, its a huge boost because I have been down and not a lot was going in my way but now I can say that even if I take time off, I will not feel so down because when I see all these list that I have done, I will feel much better.

Right must go now, see you again soon 😎

much love 💖



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Maryjoy’s Blog


Hey there, welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by!

I created this blog because I want to share with you the journey that I am taking as an entrepreneur. I did have a blog but I can not remember the log in details, so here is my new blog.


Find out more on what I am doing from my Instagram, I am posting more there than my other social media’s account.

i will keep this short but I will be back soon.

take care 😉