Start Doing


Enough talking, start doing!

so, you want to do something, example: You Want to Be a Writer!

like many of us, we start thinking, doubting, making excuses but without starting and committing, then it’s just another project that will never get publish or shared with others.

so here’s what I have decided for myself, I want to keep writing, keep running my blog and get better everyday, but I must discipline myself to Get Dress, Get Up and Show Up. Get to work on my writing, get to work on putting my blog out here, so that everyday, I get better.

One thing I learned from my Live Streaming was that, you just start that broadcast and don’t worry if your not perfect on your first try, or even on your 5th or 10th try!

with Daily Practice, you will come to a place where it become a Habits and you’ve arrive to your end goal.

I am a Writer! 

I got this from the book that I am reading, to write this down on paper everyday. Whatever you want to be, write it down everyday, until you’ve become confident in yourself.

Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.

Roy T. Bennett
Much love 💕

Dear Money


have you ever wrote a letter to Money?

Well I just saw a video and the lady said to write a letter to Money!

here is the video that I just watch;

Here is my letter;

Dear Money,

its me Maryjoy, I have to admit that our relationship has been hard, I did not pay attention to you, I did not think about you and I have taken you for granted. I did not know how to handle you being in my life, there was no one to teach me about you.

Today I finally found out that you are more than just some thing, that your in my life whose important to me, I am sadden by my past action toward you, can you ever forgive me, can you help me get to know you better, can you help me let go off these feelings of not having you in my life, can you show me how to respect you more?

my dear money, I have not realise how I felt about you, can we finally release what is blocking you to be in my life.


love 💗



Prosperity Game


The more I read this ebook, 30 Days Law of Attraction the more I am learning new ways to Attract Abundance in my life.

Have you heard about the Prosperity Game?

well let me share it with you here;

for the next 30 days, write a check to yourself from the Universe.

start with the amount of £1000 on day 1

then on the day 2 – it’s £2000 or dollars

each day you add a thousand more.

for each day you think of what you will spend it on, you must spend it all, do not save it, this is yours to spend that is given to you.

while doing this, you will notice a lot of things but here is video that will explain more.

Here is an example of a check that you can use for this game!


Make it today’s date, write your name on the Pay and from the Universe.

There’s a lot of website that explain this as well, just Google Prosperity Game. What I found is to imagine what you would spend it all on, to have fun doing it and also some says you will learn about Money Blocks and this I must say I can relate to.

Money block and why i have been struggling lately because of the way that I was thinking about Money.

So let’s play the Game, Enjoy it, Let your Imagination take you to your Money Abundance and don’t forget to come back and Share your journey with me!

I even got my boyfriend thinking about this Prosperity Game too.

Let’s have fun, guys 😉

1,2,3,let’s go…..


Much Love 💕






Focus Wheel


Have you heard about the Focus Wheel?

Well today, I found out more about this Focus Wheel and as I research it more, I too want to give it a try and I will give you an update on how it goes.

I can see why it works.

As I have started my Law Of Attraction journey,  I am finding more things and resources that help me with my goals.

There is so much example online on how to do this Focus Wheel, so I will not go over it with you here but why not give it a try and see how it will help you too.

Here is one of the videos on YouTube that I found about the Focus Wheel.

let me know how it goes for you too.

See you soon 😉



PS: have a blessed Sunday.



Law Of Attraction, day 1



I started this Manifest Anything you want, Law of Attraction from YouTube.

Have you done this before and what did you notice after you stated doing the Law of Attraction?

for a while now I have been seeing videos and I also downloaded a book from Amazon about Law of Attraction. A lot of us want money and if you ever been to the point of starving, worried on where to get the money to buy food for you childens, scrapping just to get by and feeling like nothing is working then you too can understand where I am coming from.

if your alone, it’s easier but with kids to feed, then you will feel 100 percent like a total failure. So I came across this book about Law of Attraction and it makes sense to me that we do attract what we want, also I have been finding coins on the streets which I do believe is a sign that things are going to be better. 

Day 1, So I am doing this challenge from today!

Check it it out for yourself and see the things that will start happening in your life.

can’t wait to share more with you on this 30 Day Manifest Challenge.

if you like this post feel free to share it out there.


Much Love 💕