Deja Vu

Have you heard about TikTok?

Today as I watch the tv I saw that TikTok was on and this remind me on how I got started on the Periscope App.

When I first heard about Periscope App in 2015, I had doubts too but I jumped on it and started my Live Streaming journey.

Like Periscope, there will be doubts and judgements about TikTok too, but if you have a business why not put your judgement aside and try it out, you never know what can happens next.

Imagine if I never use the Periscope App, I would never have meet so many amazing people around the world, I would never have seen all the things that have lead me to where I am now.

Why not follow me on TikTok to learn more on how you too can use TikTok for your business or if you simply just wanna have fun or maybe you want to watch other TikTokers video for inspiration.

This truly is a Deja Vu for me, it’s like being back to when I first started using Periscope and the rest is a history, and I’m sure my TikTok journey will be the same too!

I hope you join us and see the possibilities on what this app can do for you!

Thanks for reading my blog!

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New T-Shirt Design at TeeSpring

I am always creating images for my Social Media Accounts or for my TeeSpring Storefront.

So Today here are some of my designs that I have created on my TeeSpring Storefront, hope you like them too!

Check It Out from here;

This design is inspired by this quote

“When you have HATERS, you’re doing something right.” Kylie Bunbury

Let me share this with you, as you progress in your life, business or in anything that you want to do, you will get haters that will try to bring you down. They will say things about you, to you and it will feel like maybe they are right but let me tell you now.

No one has the right to say anything to you, you keep going, keep improving, keep working on your dreams.

I have been there and it’s not going to stop because your growth will continue to go to another level and the haters will always find something to talk about!

So with that in mind, let your light, your willpower be stronger than anything or anyone that want to bring you down.

Here is my quick video of the new T-shirt Designs:

Ok, that’s all for now but do follow me here or on my YouTube Channel for more updates!

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Slay Your Digital Social Media Footprint

Slay Your Digital Social Media Footprint with Maryjoy!
I have helped others with their Facebook Page, Instagram & Twitter, do you need that extra help?
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Are you fed up with creating contents for your Social Media?
Here is Lei Welch Like Da Juice Video that I created for her.
Lei help you if you have Low Self Esteem, she will be doing her Self Esteem & Confidence Workshop, go to the Link on the video to find out more.

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And this is Lisa Ramirez whose Video I also created for her This Is My Story, she help you if your in a situation that she found herself in and why she’s passionate on helping you get the help that you need.

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If your interested in the Digital Social Media Footprint and want to work with me, go to this link for your FREE pdf download where it will explain what I can do for your business!

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Your Business will gain the attention from our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter viewers and followers, that I am proud to say as I did with my clients.

Social Media can and will take your business to a higher level, so if your ready to Slay Your Digital Social Media Footprint Present, get in touch with me and lets do it together!


Daily 10x Money Mindset with Maryjoy

I will be sharing my Daily 10x Money Mindset on my Instagram Stories @LiveStreamVideoQueen which I am excited to announce here on my blog.

For a while now things seem to be getting worse with our finances and I now want to change this because life should be better than this. It should not be so hard and I question why has it become like this, what did I do wrong.

What is stopping us from earning the money that we deserve?

What is going on?

Why does some have no money, while others have a lot?

What do we need to do, to change this?

Who is to be blame?

Because of this questions and much more, it leads me to look at the way that I was treating my finances, where did it all start?

And you know, what I found out? I did not have someone to guide me and show me how to treat my money, no one was there to let me know that Money is Energy, that we must learn how money work, if we want to get out of not having enough money mentality.

Money is Energy

It’s start now, from us by sharing and teaching our next generations how they need to learn that Money is Energy, like I told my daughter today.

How about you? Did you know that Money is a Energy? How is your Money Mindset, are you at the stage of where you want to be or are you struggling too?

Like I found out today, Money is Energy! Now think of this, if we keep saying we I can’t afford this, then we are saying we don’t have the money to buy what we want!

How about, I am going to spend my money? Well I just has an awakening today, by saying I spend my Money, we are saying that we are giving it way, that we’re pushing money from our lives.

I found out from this YouTube video about this, and you know what else he said that it’s better to say I circulate money and it’s multiply in abundance!

Check this video out and comment to let me know what you think about Money is Energy!

I also found this on YouTube. And the same thing is being said like the other videos that I have found lately that Money is Energy and if we want to change our financial situation then, we must look at the way that we think and treat our Money!

I am so happy and grateful I make £10,000 per month

(Write this everyday 10 or more times) make sure your aware and acknowledge it coming true.

Lol 😂

It’s like being in school when we was naughty and we was told to copy something and then repeat all over until we have finish the whole page.

Ok, all I can say now is to get our Money Mindset right before it’s too late and we don’t have the time to change it, don’t you deserve better than worrying about not having enough?

Are you not an amazing being that Money should not shop you for having a what you want in life.

I will leave you with that thought and say bye for now. Take care & Give this gift to yourself and your Family, by changing you Money Mindset!

As always, much love 💕





PeriNewbies was created by me, when I found periscope a live streaming app. In 2015, I came accross this platform, while I was blogging and I was told that this app will help me and as I watch others, I wanted to join too but I had a big problem that at the time, it seems like a hugh hurdle to overcome for someone like me.

Why would this be a problem, you ask. Well from when I was young, I was too shy and going live globally was too much for me.

Others love being seen all over the world but for me it’s a high step to take, but i made the decision to just go for it and I never look back since.

Live Stream Video Queen

After I had founded the PeriNewbies group, it was time to branch out and I got this name Live Stream Video Queen on my Instagram account. This was a bold statement or name to have but I did it anyway, I became better, I got through a lot that was thrown towards me and this name gave me that sense of reaching a higher stage in my life.

Live Stream Video Queen came at the time that I finally found my voice but that did not came without struggles and problems for me to work on. With this name, I also added Social Media into this business so that I could help those who are new to Online Marketing or Social Media visability.

If you have a business, now, more than ever you need to get online because that’s where it’s all going to be in the future. As you are experiencing now in this day, everything is connected online. Whether you just want fast food or groceries, it’s all connected by these apps that most companies are joining in, so that their customers can get a quicker delivery.

Look at video Marketing, it’s gonna be hugh, so that is why I added Social Media into what I am doing now. And also blogging because as a business owner you need a place that is separated from your Social Media platforms. Blogging is great for the SEO, which is Seach Engine Optimization and it’s free that only required of your to post on your blog, which you can do every day or at least 3 times a week.

Mum Of Substance

Mum Of Substance also was created during the PeriNewbies stage of my life. This is close to me because, I want to create a foundation for struggling Mums, there are a lot of Mums that can do with the support that I wanted to created but so far, I have yet to implement this foundation.

Mum’s are the back bone of the family, yet sometimes they are not given the help that they truly deserve, even if they have benefits, that still does not cover everything else that this Mum and here family need.

Now that I have grown even more, I see a different way of having this set up. Hopefully soon I will get it out there.

Into 2019

The future is ahead and at the beginning of this year I came accross the Filipino Entrepreneur Circle, this has given me a new lease of life into my business, to 10x what I am going to do, to commit now, into being out there, to surround myself with those who are ready to achieve Financial Freedom, those who say no more to negative money mindset.

Focusing more on my Money Mindset too, as I am learning from the Law of Attraction. I heard of this before that Money is energy but it’s only 2 weeks ago that I got it, that I have not paid so much attention into my expenses and income, as much as I should have. I took my finances for granted, now I know better.

Playing the Prosperity Game also gave me more insight into why Money was always so hard to keep. And my childhood did not help as well, because all I saw was that my family struggled when it came their money problems.

There you have it, PeriNewbies pave the way for me to grow into who I am now, a person who is committed to changing her financial statues and at the same time, sharing this knowledge, showing my future clients that they too, can achieve Financial Freedom and to encourage my kids to have a better relationship with money than I did.

Thanks for reading my blog, stay awesome and I see you soon.

Much Love


PS: if this blog has help you, feel free to share with your fabulous friends and family.

Filipino Entrepreneur Circle Conference

Have you heard about the 1st Filipino Entrepreneur Circle yet?

Rachelle Solan and Josh Ahmet is one of the founders that has created this for Pinoy Entrepreneurs to help us achieve Financial Freedom.

Right now, Rachelle is the 1st Pinoy to talk at the 10x Growth Conference 3 that Grant Cardone and Elena Cardone has brought to us business owners and entrepreneurs to join and learn about 10xing our business.

AND THEY ARE THE FIRST BRITS to talk on the stage.

Find out more about the Filipino Entrepreneur Circle Conference from here;

Do you want Financial Freedom?

Who doesn’t, even I want this for me and my family. As a Pinoy myself, I know the struggles that our family, past generation has to go through. We now want a better life for our next generation, but if we continue like before, they too will have the same Money Mindset that keep being repeated, unless, we change all this now and prepare our children for a better lifestyle that they deserve.

Like a lot of the Pinoy people, we was told to study, work hard and you will get a good job! But is that all there is to this? Can’t we achieve a better lifestyle and have financial freedom, where you don’t go abroad and be a housemaid just to provide for your family or as the man of the house, go out there and get a 9 to 5 job.

The time has come to get our money Mindset right and let go of thinking that there’s not enough money, there is so much Abundance around us, be the change that you want to see in this world that we live in.

Find out more from their Facebook page.

Filipino Entrepreneur Circle on Instagram

Here on Instagram, you can also follow them, to see and to find out more about the Conference.

2019 is here and what a better way than to join us and get your Money Mindset right, for you and your family. Are you willing to keep struggling, to have no money to buy foods for your kids, always not having enough at the end of the month after you pay all your bills and bought all your necessary stuffs.

Can you imagine 2019 earning Millions, having the lifestyle that you deserve?

Can you see how this Conference will change your life forever?

Let me share a bit about my struggles with my Money Mindset! Through all my life from when I was in the Philippines to when I got here in London upto 2018, I did not have my money Mindset right. When all you see is that your family keep struggling, working hard just to get by, you too will think that way!

Until, you change it and I just made the decision today that I will be there at the Filipino Entrepreneur Circle because it’s time to let of thinking small.

Sometimes it’s about the Commitment and taking that step to say, you know what, I am doing this no matter.

And of course, even if your not Pinoy, your welcome to come too, we can all learn from each other.

Vic Rivero

Congratulations to Vic Rivero who committed and invested in a Platinum ticket for Pinoy Power Conference! Smart man and serious about hitting his money goal! For those who hasn’t purchased a ticket yet you can do so now on and get your ticket before we are completely sold out!

Paul Zuzon

Here is Paul Zuzon sharing his testimony with us!


Here is KC sharing here testimony with us!

Thanks for reading my blog,


As always, Much Love,



500 Words Writing Challenge


Just joined this 500 Words challenge by Jeff Goins from Twitter. I am looking forward into this challenge because I love challenges.

Now that I am committed to finishing my next book so that I can get it publish, I need to step up and write everyday, no excuses.

Can we do it?

It depends on how badly we want it. I know it can be hard to write especially when your new to this but hey, why not give it a try.

You never know, you might have it in you!

One thing I have learned so far from reading a book is to write this down.

I Am A Writer

Write this down everyday and before you know it you too will just keep writing, who knows your books can be the next best selling out there.

Okay, I know your saying but 500 Words is too much, I can’t even write a sentence. But me too, when I started, it was so alien to me and then there’s the who will read my blogs, my books.

Just imagine there are billions of us in this world, even if one person read your blog or book, that’s just a start.

Oh and how about this, I’m not good at it.

Trust me, we all start at the beginning, for example, when I started Live Streaming, I was a basket case, I was crumbling inside, I did not know what to say, I felt like a fool, I felt so scared and this thoughts of, I am not good enough to go live on Periscope, was in my head the whole time I was live and I did not breathe until I stopped that broadcast button.

You are good Enough, you have a story to tell, to share, let that be Your starting point. Your voice matter and one person in this world is waiting to hear your message.

Now are you ready to take this challenge on with me, with us?

We have a Facebook community that I just started, join us here;


Click the image above!

10x Bloggers and Writers, where we can help each other out, so that we become better at writing and I love being in a community that have the same purpose in life.

Be Brave, Be Bold and join this wild ride with us. Let your Soul sing from the top and write it out for others to read, to relate, to be inspired by you, because your voice is powerful, your voice can change a life.

2014, I went through the deepest and darkest part of my life and that is why my 1st book will take you into a world that I did not know I will be going into. Sometimes, something just breaks you apart, it’s whether we can come out and shine again or not, you have it you to change you life.

But for those who can not, maybe your message can help them, like I got through it, so this book that I will write, it’s my hope that the message will bring and inspire one person at the time.

So there you have it, let me know how I can help you get started on this 500 Words challenge.


Much Love


Live Streaming for Business


there are so many Live Streaming Apps now but there are still others who are not using it.

If you have a business, these live Streaming are a great way to get attention to your products or services.


In 2015, I found Periscope and I wanted to use it for my blogging business, even now this platform is still going strong and no matter how shy or unsure you are about using it. I can tell you now, that it will help you get seen and it’s very powerful that I am even going to start using it again!

These live streaming are a must if you have products or services to share.

Don’t let your doubts, shyness or knowledge on how to use these platform from joining in.


Click the image to find out more!

Scope Courageously, here’s my ebook from Amazon on how I overcome my shyness through Periscope.

Do you need that extra courage to press that broadcast?

Well look no more, my book Scope Courageously will enlighten you, that you too can go live and show the world your products or services.


If your not sure about Periscope, there is always Facebook Live!


Or IGTV, which is getting bigger too!

no matter which one you choose, think global and what it can do for your business!


why not join us on our Facebook Group, PeriNewbies that I founder in 2015!


Click the image above to go to the PeriNewbies Community!

let nothing stop you from this wild ride that others are jumping on.

So….much benefits that surely you can’t say no from using Live Streaming for your Business.


have a fabulous day,