Live Streaming for Business


there are so many Live Streaming Apps now but there are still others who are not using it.

If you have a business, these live Streaming are a great way to get attention to your products or services.


In 2015, I found Periscope and I wanted to use it for my blogging business, even now this platform is still going strong and no matter how shy or unsure you are about using it. I can tell you now, that it will help you get seen and it’s very powerful that I am even going to start using it again!

These live streaming are a must if you have products or services to share.

Don’t let your doubts, shyness or knowledge on how to use these platform from joining in.


Click the image to find out more!

Scope Courageously, here’s my ebook from Amazon on how I overcome my shyness through Periscope.

Do you need that extra courage to press that broadcast?

Well look no more, my book Scope Courageously will enlighten you, that you too can go live and show the world your products or services.


If your not sure about Periscope, there is always Facebook Live!


Or IGTV, which is getting bigger too!

no matter which one you choose, think global and what it can do for your business!


why not join us on our Facebook Group, PeriNewbies that I founder in 2015!


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let nothing stop you from this wild ride that others are jumping on.

So….much benefits that surely you can’t say no from using Live Streaming for your Business.


have a fabulous day,



10x Bloggers


Hey bloggers and writers….

I have created a 10x Bloggers and Writers Community on Facebook, would love you to join me there, if you want too.

why did I just created it?

as a blogger and a writer we all want others to read our work and as a Founder of the PeriNewbies group on Facebook, I know enough that a Facebook community can help you get more exposure, more connection online and it’s a powerful way to network all over the world.


Click the Facebook image to join us today!

also, it’s to help others who want to blog or become a writer too.

With your knowledge, you too can help others begin or get better on their writing.

Thank You for taking this moment to check it out!


much love 💕



10x Your Weekend



what is all this 10x about?

well I came across this book 10x Rule book by Grant Cardone and since then, I have used it for my life, business and anything else that I am doing in my life.

example: you want to earn £100,000? Instead increase this to 1 million pounds because even if you don’t get to a million, you will surely achieve more than £100,000 pounds.


Great book, I recommend it.

Have a business? Well this will help you run it by 10xing your business!

Here’s an old video that I did with Ryan Roy, while talking about the 10x Rule Book!

“Just because most don’t make it doesn’t mean that you can’t” – Grant Cardone

10x Growth Con 3


10x Your Weekend



much love





Start Doing


Enough talking, start doing!

so, you want to do something, example: You Want to Be a Writer!

like many of us, we start thinking, doubting, making excuses but without starting and committing, then it’s just another project that will never get publish or shared with others.

so here’s what I have decided for myself, I want to keep writing, keep running my blog and get better everyday, but I must discipline myself to Get Dress, Get Up and Show Up. Get to work on my writing, get to work on putting my blog out here, so that everyday, I get better.

One thing I learned from my Live Streaming was that, you just start that broadcast and don’t worry if your not perfect on your first try, or even on your 5th or 10th try!

with Daily Practice, you will come to a place where it become a Habits and you’ve arrive to your end goal.

I am a Writer! 

I got this from the book that I am reading, to write this down on paper everyday. Whatever you want to be, write it down everyday, until you’ve become confident in yourself.

Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.

Roy T. Bennett
Much love 💕

Dear Money


have you ever wrote a letter to Money?

Well I just saw a video and the lady said to write a letter to Money!

here is the video that I just watch;

Here is my letter;

Dear Money,

its me Maryjoy, I have to admit that our relationship has been hard, I did not pay attention to you, I did not think about you and I have taken you for granted. I did not know how to handle you being in my life, there was no one to teach me about you.

Today I finally found out that you are more than just some thing, that your in my life whose important to me, I am sadden by my past action toward you, can you ever forgive me, can you help me get to know you better, can you help me let go off these feelings of not having you in my life, can you show me how to respect you more?

my dear money, I have not realise how I felt about you, can we finally release what is blocking you to be in my life.


love 💗



Prosperity Game


The more I read this ebook, 30 Days Law of Attraction the more I am learning new ways to Attract Abundance in my life.

Have you heard about the Prosperity Game?

well let me share it with you here;

for the next 30 days, write a check to yourself from the Universe.

start with the amount of £1000 on day 1

then on the day 2 – it’s £2000 or dollars

each day you add a thousand more.

for each day you think of what you will spend it on, you must spend it all, do not save it, this is yours to spend that is given to you.

while doing this, you will notice a lot of things but here is video that will explain more.

Here is an example of a check that you can use for this game!


Make it today’s date, write your name on the Pay and from the Universe.

There’s a lot of website that explain this as well, just Google Prosperity Game. What I found is to imagine what you would spend it all on, to have fun doing it and also some says you will learn about Money Blocks and this I must say I can relate to.

Money block and why i have been struggling lately because of the way that I was thinking about Money.

So let’s play the Game, Enjoy it, Let your Imagination take you to your Money Abundance and don’t forget to come back and Share your journey with me!

I even got my boyfriend thinking about this Prosperity Game too.

Let’s have fun, guys 😉

1,2,3,let’s go…..


Much Love 💕






Focus Wheel


Have you heard about the Focus Wheel?

Well today, I found out more about this Focus Wheel and as I research it more, I too want to give it a try and I will give you an update on how it goes.

I can see why it works.

As I have started my Law Of Attraction journey,  I am finding more things and resources that help me with my goals.

There is so much example online on how to do this Focus Wheel, so I will not go over it with you here but why not give it a try and see how it will help you too.

Here is one of the videos on YouTube that I found about the Focus Wheel.

let me know how it goes for you too.

See you soon 😉



PS: have a blessed Sunday.



Never Quit, You’ll Be a Winner!


“If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride – and never quit, you’ll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards.” Bear Bryant

For ages now, I have been running my own business, I have tried and failed, I have given it all my best, I have let go, I have gone and came back again. Through it all, somehow I know that there is something for me that will get me to a place that I will succced in. I might not be there yet but I have this feel deep inside me that I am not just here to work 9 to 5 and that’s it.

Have done Mary Kay, and last year I could not do it anymore no matter how hard I tried, the joy, the excitement, the passion just wasn’t there anymore. I came to an end that I know now is the right time to say goodbye to an amazing company, yet it’s not for me, especially when my heart is not in it.

Did I choose wrong?

Did I gave up too soon?

i will have lots of questions but it all come down to what is it that feels right for me this time in my life.

This I must say, I have to let go of judging myself, of letting others opinions of why I gave up this business.

Now I am on the next page of my life and we just need to go for it, even if I don’t know when’re it will lead me to.

This much I know, I will get there and just because I have failed doesn’t mean I should just give up completely. No I am now focusing on my writing, on my blogging and looking forward into making 2019 my best year.

Go forward with your Dreams.


Much Love 💕 


PS: one of the things I will be doing is sharing with you the things that I like, that I hope you will get the benefits from! One of them right now is the 10x Growth Con 3 from Uncle G, check it out from the image below.



Follow Your Dreams


As I sit here today, I was reminded that we should be grateful for what we have. Also to follow our dreams.

Colin from Facebook posted about his journey and it inspired me to come here today to share with you that you too can go far, that we limit ourselves when we should try and reach the sky, above or beyond, we are limitless but because of the conditions that we have been told from the beginning, we tend to doubt ourselves.

What if, you can do anything?

What if it’s all in you?

What if you just got to start?


today I received this from amazon, it’s My Life Story and here, I will write on what is going on in my life, specially my achievements and the I will see, a year from now or years later how my life has changed.

Don’t get me wrong there will be time when I have to push harder and there will a mountain so high for me to climb but I will see how I have come from depression to living my life and that is my aim from this year.

To Act, To Take Action and To Do More!


Where will you be next Year or 10 years or 20 years?

i can’t wait 😊


Take Care,


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Be Who You Are



“All is not lost, all is not lost. Become who you are It happens once in a lifetime.”


got this from the ebook, You Are A Writer (so start ACTING like one). And it’s so right, instead of wishing, just do it and yes you feel like you have nothing that is worth sharing, you will doubt whether they will like what you write. And you will question whether you got what it takes to dedicate yourself to writing. But like what it’s said on the book, just act like one.


I get you, at first I was like, me 🤔 a writer?

We all got this doubts whether we can do something or not, maybe we just got to do it and see where it will take us.

Are we focusing too much on our insecurities, our doubts before we give ourselves the time to  Succeed, to take the action that is needed for us to be who we are meant to be?

you have this life and it’s yours, now grab it with both hand and go for your dreams/goals.

Let no one stop you, you can do it.

I know you might be saying but what if I fail, what ifs, where do I start, I am not good at writing.

Sometimes in life, you got to say to yourself, enough and just do it!

So yes, let us be braver than yesterday, take that Massive Action!

You Are Who You Are, I am proud of You! 😊


take care,


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