500 Words Writing Challenge


Just joined this 500 Words challenge by Jeff Goins from Twitter. I am looking forward into this challenge because I love challenges.

Now that I am committed to finishing my next book so that I can get it publish, I need to step up and write everyday, no excuses.

Can we do it?

It depends on how badly we want it. I know it can be hard to write especially when your new to this but hey, why not give it a try.

You never know, you might have it in you!

One thing I have learned so far from reading a book is to write this down.

I Am A Writer

Write this down everyday and before you know it you too will just keep writing, who knows your books can be the next best selling out there.

Okay, I know your saying but 500 Words is too much, I can’t even write a sentence. But me too, when I started, it was so alien to me and then there’s the who will read my blogs, my books.

Just imagine there are billions of us in this world, even if one person read your blog or book, that’s just a start.

Oh and how about this, I’m not good at it.

Trust me, we all start at the beginning, for example, when I started Live Streaming, I was a basket case, I was crumbling inside, I did not know what to say, I felt like a fool, I felt so scared and this thoughts of, I am not good enough to go live on Periscope, was in my head the whole time I was live and I did not breathe until I stopped that broadcast button.

You are good Enough, you have a story to tell, to share, let that be Your starting point. Your voice matter and one person in this world is waiting to hear your message.

Now are you ready to take this challenge on with me, with us?

We have a Facebook community that I just started, join us here;


Click the image above!

10x Bloggers and Writers, where we can help each other out, so that we become better at writing and I love being in a community that have the same purpose in life.

Be Brave, Be Bold and join this wild ride with us. Let your Soul sing from the top and write it out for others to read, to relate, to be inspired by you, because your voice is powerful, your voice can change a life.

2014, I went through the deepest and darkest part of my life and that is why my 1st book will take you into a world that I did not know I will be going into. Sometimes, something just breaks you apart, it’s whether we can come out and shine again or not, you have it you to change you life.

But for those who can not, maybe your message can help them, like I got through it, so this book that I will write, it’s my hope that the message will bring and inspire one person at the time.

So there you have it, let me know how I can help you get started on this 500 Words challenge.


Much Love